5 Bad Effects of Excess Sugar Consumption for Skin Health

Now, there are a lot of contemporary drinks, market snacks to desserts that have a sweet taste in them.

These are some of the diseases that often arise due to consuming too many foods that contain sugar.

In fact, it is one of the worst causes of premature aging directly on a person’s face and body. Therefore, you must protect your appearance.

Because, there are 5 bad effects of excessive sugar consumption for beauty. Here Popmama.com provides more information:

1 Can make acne appear

When your blood sugar spikes up, you need to be vigilant. Because it can cause your body to make more sebum, you know. Keluarga

With this inflammation and excess sebum, it can contribute to the development of acne and increase the severity of acne.

Reporting from Insider, eating too many foods with a high glycemic index can affect the skin and worsen skin conditions such as acne or eczema.

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2 Trigger the occurrence of eczema that is red and itchy

It turns out that sugar makes your insulin levels spike. This is what causes inflammation in the body. In the end affect the skin and trigger the onset of eczema. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

Eczema or atopic dermatitis itself is a condition that makes the skin red and itchy on the neck, hands and feet. It even has the potential to worsen your skin condition.

In addition, high insulin levels can also cause skin that feels dry and may become worse at night.

3 Affect the stability and resistance of skin collagen

Need to be alert. That eating excess sugar, this will damage the skin through a natural process called glycation and cause harmful free radicals to accumulate.

Meanwhile, collagen and elastin are two important proteins that maintain the elasticity and youthfulness of skin cells. But unfortunately, glucose and fructose in the sweet foods you eat can damage these two proteins. Keluarga Bahagia

In addition, sugar makes elastin unable to carry out the function of cell regeneration. Including affecting the stability, resilience and type of collagen you have.

4 Makes facial skin look drier and duller

That consuming excess sugary foods, this will be most prone to skin damage. One of them makes your skin look drier and duller.

While insulin levels are too high in the body, in the end it does not make your skin collagen function as a skin building material. So in the end, it causes facial skin no longer looks tight and elastic.

That’s what makes facial skin characteristics appear in the form of fine lines, sagging and wrinkles. The reason is, inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen which also triggers rough and red skin. Ibu dan anak

5 Appears dark color in some parts

Furthermore, increasing insulin levels in the body will trigger your eye bags. Including a greater amount of inflammation and swelling under the eyes.

Not only in the eye area, you know. If you have excess sugar, this condition also causes dark patches on your neck and in the folds of your body.

There is even a dark color on the back of the neck, armpits, groin or elsewhere due to too much insulin in your blood.


Be careful, pregnancy increases the risk of meningitis due to bacteria

Bacterial meningitis is very serious. Some people with the infection die and death can occur in just a few hours. However, most people recover from bacterial meningitis.

Those who recover can experience permanent disabilities, such as brain damage, hearing loss, and learning disabilities.

Several types of bacteria can cause meningitis. The leading causes in the United States include Streptococcus pneumoniae, Group B Streptococcus, Neisseria meningitidis, Haemophilus influenzae, Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli. Keluarga

Many of these bacteria can also be associated with another serious disease, sepsis. Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to infection.

This is a life-threatening medical emergency. Sepsis occurs when an infection sets off a chain reaction throughout the body.

Without timely treatment, sepsis can quickly lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death.

Certain germs that cause bacterial meningitis, such as L. monocytogenes, can be spread through food. But most of these germs are spread from one person to another. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

The way people spread germs often depends on the type of bacteria. It is also important to know that people can have these bacteria in or on their bodies without getting sick.

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These people are “carriers”. Most virus carriers never get sick, but can still spread the bacteria to other people.

Pregnancy increases a person’s risk of developing Listeria (L. monocytogenes) infection. Pregnant people with Listeria infection may not have any symptoms or may only have a fever and other flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue and muscle aches.

However, infection during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, or life-threatening infections in the newborn, including meningitis.

Find out which foods are more likely to contain Listeria and steps you can take to protect the health of the mother and fetus.

Pregnant women can pass group B Streptococcus (group B strep) to their babies during delivery.

Newborns infected with group B strep can develop meningitis or other serious infections soon after birth.

Talk to your doctor about getting a group B test when you’re 36 to 37 weeks pregnant. Doctors give antibiotics (during labor) to women who test positive to prevent infection in the newborn. Keluarga Bahagia

Symptoms of meningitis include sudden attacks of fever, headache and stiff neck, but often other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, photophobia (eyes become more sensitive to light) and altered mental status (confusion). Ibu dan anak


Do these 5 things to find out if you are compatible with your partner

A romantic relationship will last if the couple finds a match for each other. Compatibility is not only the similarity through the zodiac or love language they have, but also the similarity of character and vision and mission to continue the relationship.

There are couples who can be in a relationship because of the many compatibility, but not a few are still in a relationship even though they have many differences. However, feeling compatible with your partner sometimes raises new questions, namely that compatibility does naturally occur or is forced to happen so that the relationship remains lasting. Keluarga

To answer questions about the compatibility between you and your partner, you should do the following things.

Come on, let’s look at the review from Popmama.com this time if Mama is in a new relationship after divorce!

1 Traveling together

Many people believe that traveling can show a person’s true nature. Therefore, it never hurts to arrange a traveling schedule with your partner to study their character and solve problems together. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

The reason is, during traveling, Mama and your partner will find many incompatibilities such as determining the right direction, looking for things that are left behind, or being rushed for time because one of the parties is late.

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If there is no big debate between Mama and your partner during traveling, then your love relationship can last and continue in a more serious direction. On the other hand, if there is an argument, then you can learn how your partner solves problems and understands his character.

2 Doing crazy things together

The compatibility of the relationship can also be seen in how you and your partner express something. When you express your feelings by doing crazy things, try to see how your partner reacts.

Does your partner feel embarrassed or do you not see Mama acting crazy in front of her? If your partner doesn’t feel good about your crazy behavior, and vice versa, then Mama’s relationship can last because she understands the differences in each other’s characters. Keluarga Bahagia

3 Determine the style of dress

Mama can see whether or not there is a match with her partner when Mama judges her dress style. Because, Mama and partner sometimes have different styles of dress.

If you or your partner are not offended when their style of dress is criticized, then the relationship can continue. Because, that means, Mama and her partner are willing to accept suggestions from others to make them look more perfect.

On the other hand, if you or your partner are easily offended, you should think again about continuing the relationship.

4 Doing hobbies together

Everyone has different hobbies. However, try to set a schedule to do each other’s hobbies at the same time.

The compatibility of the relationship can be seen from the reaction of Mama or your partner when they see the differences in their hobbies. Mama and partner are compatible if there are always interesting things to do or discuss together even though your hobbies are different. Ibu dan anak

5 Discuss the future vision and mission

The most important thing that needs to be done to make the relationship last forever is to talk about the vision and mission in the future.

You and your partner need to discuss what big steps will be taken for the future together, such as marriage, number of children, to financial management matters.

If you and your partner are open to these problems, then the love relationship will be easier. On the other hand, if you and your partner are closed to each other and don’t have the same vision and mission, it will be difficult to continue the relationship. Because, Mama and partner still live with their respective egos that can cause fights.


Benefits of Lemongrass for Mothers After Giving Birth, One of which Improves Sleep Quality

Apart from being a food flavor enhancer, it turns out that the benefits of lemongrass can also be felt by mothers in recovery after giving birth. This is also related to the ability of lemongrass as a traditional medicine to improve sleep quality, relieve pain, and increase immunity. Keluarga

One of the most popular ways to enjoy lemongrass is in tea. Here are a number of other lemongrass benefits that you need to know.

Benefits of Lemongrass for Mothers After Childbirth

1 Eliminate Anxiety

Besides being able to relax, lemongrass made into tea can also reduce anxiety. Lemongrass has a fresh lemon aroma and citrus aroma which can also be used as an insect repellent. Lemongrass essential oil is used in aromatherapy to freshen the air, reduce stress, and improve mood.

This feeling of relaxation and anxiety-free is certainly needed by every mother after giving birth, so that the mother’s condition recovers quickly. The good mood of this mother is also able to increase milk production, lo, Mother.

2 Improving the Quality of Mother’s Sleep After Childbirth
Do you often experience insomnia after giving birth? If so, there is no harm in trying lemongrass tea to reduce the symptoms. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

This is because lemongrass is an herbal plant that contains antioxidants that also help overcome insomnia. Lemongrass essential oil which is often used in aromatherapy can also improve feelings and help sleep soundly.

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In addition, the content of lemongrass has the ability to calm the muscles and make you sleep soundly. Keluarga Bahagia

3 Lemongrass Good for Mother’s Digestive System

lemongrass benefits
A cup of lemongrass tea is an alternative remedy for stomach pain, stomach cramps, and other digestive problems that mothers sometimes feel after giving birth.

A study found that lemongrass essential oil can help protect the stomach lining against stomach damage from drugs such as aspirin and ethanol. Ibu dan anak


These 6 Foods Are Effective In Stimulating Children’s Teeth Growth, Take A Note, Bun

The growth of the baby needs to be monitored, including when the child starts teething. This crucial phase normally occurs when the child enters the age of 4 to 7 months. Not a few babies also go on a hunger strike when their front teeth start to grow. Then, what is the food for the growth of children’s teeth? Keluarga

You don’t need to worry about giving food when your teeth grow. Providing the right intake can make the growth of teeth healthier and stronger, you know.

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Symptoms of Baby Teething

Parents know the following symptoms experienced by babies when their teeth grow.

Every child has a different sign when teeth start to grow, Bun. However, usually babies will show some general symptoms such as the following really, including:

If you are aware of the symptoms, give these 5 foods to stimulate tooth growth and keep your little one’s teeth growing strong:

1 Yogurt

Giving yogurt is recommended for babies who are entering a period of teething.

Not only for adults, babies are also recommended to be introduced to yogurt in an amount that is not excessive. This probiotic-rich intake is apparently quite good for the health of your little one’s bones and teeth, you know.

Mothers can give cold yogurt in the child’s teething process. In addition to relieving gum pain, calcium-rich yogurt is good for teething. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

According to Adam S. Harwood, D.M.D., a family endodontist in New York City, the content of probiotics or good bacteria is very important for baby’s dental health. This content is known to be quite effective in fighting plaque that causes tooth decay.

2 Fresh Fruits
Various bacteria are very likely to develop in your little one’s mouth, especially when he is in the process of teething. Make sure you provide the right nutrition, for example from fresh fruit, so that he avoids toothache.

Several types of fruit that can be an option to stimulate the growth of baby teeth, including oranges, papaya and strawberries. This type of fruit is effective in helping bacteria in the mouth and meeting the daily vitamin C needs of babies. Mothers can make cold puree so that it increases the child’s appetite. Keluarga Bahagia

3 Dairy Products
In addition to giving milk intake that has been routinely done, you can also provide dairy products for additional nutritional intake. Well, a variety of dairy products are also good for the health of your little one’s bones and teeth.

For example, cheese can be the best choice for strong baby teeth. This dairy product is rich in calcium, vitamin D and phosphate. This content can effectively balance the pH of the mouth, reduce acid levels, and reduce the risk of tooth decay in children.

In addition, calcium is also good for preventing plaque and protecting the tooth layer so that children’s teeth will grow strong until they grow up. Ibu dan anak


Maintain Health with Balanced Nutritious Food, This is the Complete Guide

Maintaining a healthy body is something that must be done during the Covid-19 pandemic. One way that can be done to maintain a healthy body is to eat a balanced nutritious diet. Keluarga

Citing the official Instagram upload of the DKI Jakarta Health Service, Wednesday (11/10/2021), eating a balanced nutritious diet can be done by following the complete guide to the contents of my plate that has been launched by the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes).

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1 Staple Food

150 grams of rice = 3 scoops of rice/3 potatoes/1.5 cups of dry noodles.

Carbohydrates as a staple food are recommended as much as 2/3 parts of half the contents of the plate, for one meal. The source of carbohydrates is not only rice, it is recommended to consume more than one type of staple food in a day. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

2 Side dishes

Animal side dishes: 75 grams of mackerel/1 chicken egg/2 pieces of beef.

Consisting of both animal and plant-based, the choice of side dishes is of course endless. However, a person is recommended to consume side dishes 1/3 of half the contents of the plate for one meal. Keluarga Bahagia

3 Vegetables

Vegetables 150 grams = 1 medium cup.

This food group is still less desirable, even though vegetables are an important source of many nutrients. No wonder if the consumption of vegetables for one meal is recommended as much as 2/3 part of half the contents of the plate.

4 pieces

150 grams of papaya = 2 medium pieces / 2 medium oranges / 1 small Ambon banana.

In addition to containing vitamins and minerals as antioxidants, fruit is also a good source of dietary fiber for digestion. Due to its rich nutritional value, it is recommended to consume 1/3 of the half of the plate for one meal. Ibu dan anak


How to Start a Culinary Business, Know Your Products Well!

Culinary business will never die. Humans always need food for their survival. Everyone’s tastes are different even though if you look at the type, they still have different tastes and targets. Keluarga

The culinary business will continue to exist as long as humans need food. Moreover, people not only need staple food, but also snacks in their daily life.

It looks promising because the velocity of the money is so fast, but it turns out that there are also many things that must be considered carefully before actually deciding to do business in the culinary field.

So for those of you who are just starting out, here are 11 ways to start a culinary business from Popmama.com that you can try, Mom.

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1 Recognize the advantages/uniqueness of the product

The culinary business can actually be said to be similar to the others, the difference is what are the advantages and uniqueness of each product sold. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

For example, Mama wants to sell Geprek Chicken, while many Geprek Chicken is currently selling it. For that it is necessary to determine what makes the product different from other products.

What can make the product known by its uniqueness. The product may be the same, but there must be advantages that are highlighted to distinguish it from the others.

2 Determine the target market and audience

The culinary business will never die, but that doesn’t mean everyone will like just one product. It is important to determine the target market and consumers when you want to start a culinary business.

The tastes of children, teenagers and adults are definitely different. The type of food that teenagers like is not necessarily the kind of food that parents will like too. Therefore, research first which product is more acceptable among which.

If you don’t know the target of the product you want to sell, in the future it will be difficult to develop it. The progress of a business is also determined by how many consumers like our products. Keluarga Bahagia

3 Make product design as profile

Product design also determines how your product will be seen by others. You can start by thinking about packaging designs, labels, and even brand name designs that will become your trademark.

You also need to know that unique packaging can make potential buyers curious, so think about a good product design, Mom.

Things that should not be missed include designing the size of the food you want to sell. For example, how many servings in 1 pcs you want to sell.

4 Define offline/online location

We are now in the digital world. Where people can not only eat by coming to the location, but ordering it online. Mamas who still don’t have a place to go offline can start online first, you know. Ibu dan anak

If you don’t have an adequate place for some reason, selling online is also not a problem. Especially now that many are selling food online.

For mothers who want to directly sell offline by providing stores and places, the thing to think about is choosing a strategic place that is easily visible to many people.

There is a parking area that is quite better so that visitors don’t get confused about parking their vehicles

5 Determine the initial capital

Capital is something that must be considered in starting a business. Provide capital that is sufficient to start up for the next few months.

Capital that has been calculated at least has a clear record of what needs to be purchased.


2 Main Characteristics of Pregnant Women Will Give Birth Soon, There Are Changes in Vaginal Fluid

Before giving birth is a stressful time for women.

Especially for mothers who are pregnant and giving birth for the first time. Keluarga

Still blind to experience, so often ignore the traits will soon give birth.

Well, that’s why on this occasion we will review the main characteristics of a pregnant woman about to give birth.

1 Vaginal discharge changes color and consistency

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In the last days leading up to birth, the mother will notice an increased volume of vaginal fluid and/or thickening.

The same disat may also find the discharge of a mucus plug—the plug that covers the uterus from the outside world.

This plug can come out in a large shape.  Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

This mucus will look like mucus in the nose, but with faint streaks of blood, or small patches.

Although the mother may not realize it at all if she is the type who doesn’t like to linger in the bathroom.

To note, this pinkish and thick liquid is also known as bloody show (mucus mixed with blood).

This is a good indication that labor is imminent, even without labor contractions and a dilation of the cervix by three to four centimeters.  Keluarga Bahagia

The process of giving birth may still occur in the next few days!).

2 You feel stronger and more frequent contractions

Contractions are early signs of an active birth—unless they’re false contractions.

Pregnant women can experience Braxton-Hicks contractions (false contractions) for weeks and even months before actually giving birth.

Mothers will feel a pinching sensation in the muscles of the uterus that are getting tighter.

This condition is a form of preparation for the coming of the big moment, pushing the baby out of the womb.  Ibu dan anak

How to tell the difference between real and fake contractions? Here are the signs of genuine contractions:

  • Mothers who are active will feel the contractions will get stronger instead of weakening.
  • If the mother changes positions, the contractions will not disappear.
  • Painful contractions start in the lower back and move toward the lower abdomen, and possibly the legs as well.

5 Things to Do Before Making a Birth Plan

The planner-type mom who wants everything to be perfect? Come on, make a birth plan when it’s close to the Estimated Birth Day (HPL)!

A birth plan or popularly known as a birth plan is a guidebook containing a wish list related to the moment of childbirth. Keluarga

Circumstances leading up to labor can be stressful and unpredictable. This is where the birth plan will help Mama, the closest people, and the doctor or midwife take responsibility for making decisions regarding the birth process.

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Mama may be confused about how to determine various things before making a birth plan. Don’t worry, this time Popmama.com has the right tips for Mama.

Check out the following information, Mom!

1 Set engagement

From the start, open conversations with responsible parties such as doctors or midwives about who and how many people will be involved throughout your pregnancy until your delivery, and who has access to your medical records.

This information is important to write in the birth plan so that it is clear who can be referred for various purposes related to Mama’s delivery. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

2 Health consultation

In making preference choices regarding childbirth, don’t let Mama actually endanger herself or the fetus.

Consult with a doctor or trusted midwife first to find out which options are more suitable and safe for the condition of the body and the fetus in the womb.

3 Read a lot and look for credible information

The more knowledge and information you have, the stronger the mother’s reason for choosing certain preferences regarding childbirth. Be sure to read a lot about pregnancy and childbirth from reliable sources, yes! Keluarga Bahagia

Don’t worry, there are now many complete and credible online sources of information. Choose information that is really useful and according to your needs, Ma.

4 Asking those who are more experienced

Don’t just stop at literature, brainstorm with other experienced people. They will give Mama a real new perspective. Join a yoga club, an online group of pregnant women, or other similar groups.

From their various experiences, Mama can weigh the pros and cons before being more confident in choosing everything as a personal preference.

5 Listen to the opinions of those closest to you

The partner, family, and close relatives you have chosen to assist during the birthing process may have ideas or suggestions that can be useful.

Try to share the results of Mama’s research and listen to their suggestions. Don’t forget to communicate their role in future labour. Ibu dan anak

It is very important to make choices or decisions based on valid and clear information. Think carefully about the potential impact of each of your choices for the body and fetus before making any decisions.


Pity! Baby in Palembang Sold for IDR 7 Million, Mother Allegedly Involved

Sad news coming from Palembang, South Sumatra, Mother. Sad, a baby with the initials ST was sold for Rp 7 million. After being investigated, it turned out that the mother was one of the four suspects who had violated this law.

This was confirmed by the South Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Toni Harmanto at the South Sumatra Police Headquarters. The mother, with the initials AN, was one of the suspects arrested. Keluarga

“He and other suspects sold the baby for Rp. 7 million,” said Toni, Friday (10/29/20201).

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The perpetrators, namely the victim’s mother, G, R, and P, deliberately sold the baby. Their target is married couples (couple) who do not have children. Keluarga Bahagia

“They deliberately sold the baby to a husband and wife couple who had no children,” said Inspector General Toni.

The police explained that the motive for this case was the economic factor and mutual seduction of the suspects, Mother. This case was uncovered when the baby’s mother told her husband, Bobi.

However, the police did not rule out the involvement of Bobi, who was previously a reporter in this case. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

“The temporary assumption is that the motive is economic. They flirted with each other so that the sale of the baby took place. We will also investigate the alleged involvement of the complainant (Bobi) in this case,” said Palembang Police Chief Commissioner Irvan Prawira.

The Head of Criminal Investigation at the Palembang Polrestabes, Kompol Tri Wahyudi, said that AN and other perpetrators were desperate to commit the act because they were tempted by the millions of rupiah promised by perpetrator G.

“AN, who handed over the baby, then took home the money he received from G after sharing it with the other suspects (R and P). When he got home, AN told Bobi, her husband, Tri said. Ibu dan anak

Bobi is angry, can’t accept Anita’s sale of the baby. He then contacted G asking for his son to be returned, but he couldn’t because, according to G, ST’s baby was already in Lake Ranau, South OKU.


Note Bun! This is the best time for the brain to study and rest

The brain is an important organ used for thinking. Not only that, the brain is also the command center for the human nervous system

Reported by Live Science, the function of the brain is to receive signals from the body’s sensory organs and issue information to the muscles. According to a 2012 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the human brain is made up of about 86 billion nerve cells (neurons), called ‘gray matter’. Keluarga

The human brain triples in size during the first year of life. At about 25 years of age, the brain reaches full maturity.

Humans use the whole brain all the time, not just 10 percent. Each lobe in the brain has a function that humans use in carrying out daily activities. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

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The frontal lobe is important for cognitive functions, such as thinking, planning, and controlling voluntary movement. The temporal lobe is concerned with memory and emotions.

The parietal lobe functions to integrate input from the different senses and is important for spatial orientation, as well as navigation. Meanwhile, visual processing occurs in the occipital lobe, near the back of the human skull.

The brain can indeed be used all the time, however, its capacity will not be maximized without rest. If, we keep thinking and making the brain work, it can lead to fatigue to depression, Mother. Keluarga Bahagia

It’s best if you find the best time to rest your brain. This is done to maximize its function and performance.

On the other hand, there are times when the brain can work optimally. When’s the time?

Well, launching from the official Instagram accounts of the Bhakti Wiyata Kediri Institute of Health Sciences and health.MSN, here are the 8 best times for the brain to maximize its function and performance:

7-9 am

At this time, the new brain awakens and begins to improve the mood to carry out activities. So that the mood gets better, you can start doing things that can increase positive arousal to start the day. Ibu dan anak


At this time, the brain already has enough cortisol (stress hormone), so it can help focus the mind. This time is a suitable time to study and do tasks that require analysis and concentration, Mother.


The Role of the ECMO Engine on the Heart and Lungs

ECMO stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. ECMO is a machine that functions to pump blood out of the body, then into an artificial lung for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. After that, the blood will flow back into the body. Keluarga

ECMO is useful for reducing the workload of the lungs, heart, or both. This device is often used in infants with critical conditions who need to be treated in the intensive care unit (NICU) or who are waiting to get a donor before undergoing a heart or lung transplant.

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This tool is usually chosen when other life support tools do not provide the desired results. Keluarga Bahagia

Conditions that require an ECMO engine
Although generally for babies, anyone might need an ECMO machine. There are three main conditions that make a person need the help of an ECMO engine to live, namely:

  • The lungs cannot provide enough oxygen to the body even though they are fitted with a breathing apparatus
  • Lungs can’t expel carbon dioxide even though they’re on a ventilator
  • The heart cannot pump enough blood throughout the body.
  • The three conditions above, can occur due to other respiratory and heart conditions or diseases.

The following are some of the diseases and conditions that make a person need to receive assistance from an ECMO machine to survive, among others:

  • Heart muscle disease
  • Inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis)
  • Severe infection (sepsis)
  • Post-transplant complications
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
  • Blockage in the blood vessels of the lungs (pulmonary embolism)
  • The baby inhales a harmful substance in the uterus called meconium (meconium aspiration)
  • Breathing failure
  • Covid-19 virus infection
  • Accident

How the ECMO engine works

The ECMO machine is connected to the patient using a special tube called a cannula. This tube is inserted through a vein in the groin, neck, or chest. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

After the tube is attached, the device will start working by pumping blood out of the body into an artificial lung, which is known as an oxygenator. This tool has the same function as the lungs, namely taking oxygen carried by the blood and removing carbon dioxide.

Blood that has been filtered by artificial lungs is then sent back to the body using a pump whose function is similar to the heart, so it can replace the work of the original organ.

The amount of blood pumped by the ECMO machine is controlled by specially trained medical personnel.

ECMO machine to replace the role of the lungs and heart
How long does it take for the ECMO engine to be installed?

According to the American Thoracic Society, the duration of using an ECMO machine is highly dependent on the health condition of the baby or the person using it. In principle, the team of doctors will immediately remove this machine as soon as the patient’s condition improves. Ibu dan anak

When the patient’s heart and lungs can return to work independently, the device can be removed.

Some babies only need to use ECMO for a few hours. However, some may take up to weeks. In some very severe cases, the patient cannot survive if the ECMO machine is removed.

The ECMO machine is a life support tool and not a tool to cure disease. Therefore, the duration of its use will depend on the process of treatment or healing of the disease that the patient is undergoing.


5 Treatments That Need To Be Done Before Entering the Age of 30

Starting to enter the age of 30 years, of course, many things will change both in life and changes in yourself. The physique that you have when you are in your 20s will be different when you enter your 30s, you know. Keluarga

Even so, you don’t need to worry that you will experience many changes when you enter your 30s if you have been taking care since you were in your 20s. Then, what types of treatments can you do to maintain youthful skin?

This time Popmama.com has summarized 5 treatments that need to be done before entering the age of 30. Come on, take a look! Keluarga Bahagia

1 Routinely clean the face

Cleansing your face is the main thing you have to do to keep your skin in a healthy state. Dirt that sticks to the face during activities all day can make the skin dull so it needs to be cleaned.

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In addition, Mama must also use a facial wash that contains gentle or gentle ingredients so that the face does not experience infection or redness and is able to clean oil and residual dirt. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

2 Always use sunscreen

Sunscreen has a very important role to protect the skin from sun exposure which can make the face look dull. Using sunscreen regularly can help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

Even if you are indoors, make sure that you have used sunscreen to protect your face. You can use sunscreen through the product directly or use a base makeup that already has SPF in it.

3 Using serum to moisturize

By the time you enter your 20s, you can already use a serum that contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Both of these ingredients can function as anti-aging that makes the skin more supple and firm.

In addition to vitamin C and antioxidants, Mama can use a serum that contains hyaluronic acid in it which functions to maintain skin moisture and maintain skin elasticity. Ibu dan anak

4 Using retinol

Reporting from the Popmama.com article entitled Knowing Retinol, Skincare to Prevent Premature Aging, Retinol is a substance that is believed to slow down the aging process. The use of retinol in your daily skincare routine is important to fight premature aging.

Use retinol at night after washing your face or use it together with moisturizer to make skin more moisturized when using retinol.

5 Reduce the use of false eyelashes

If you want to have eyelashes that look thicker, you can do eyelash treatment using eyelash serum instead of using false eyelashes. In addition, you can also have curly eyelashes with eyelash extensions.

The glue used to attach false eyelashes can damage the roots of the eyelashes if used too often, which will make the eyelashes fall out more easily.


Postmaturity, when the baby is not born after the due date

Postmature birth risk

Without intending to scare, this discussion about the risks of postmature delivery can also be material for discussion with doctors. By properly understanding the risks, mitigation can also be prepared from now on. Keluarga

Some of the risks that may occur to the baby in postterm labor are:

  • Fetal macrosomia

This medical term means the size of the baby is very large compared to the average baby. It also increases the risk of delivery by cesarean section or C-section. Even if it is done vaginally, there is a possibility that the baby’s shoulder is stuck behind the mother’s pelvic bone. Keluarga Bahagia

  • Postmaturity syndrome

This syndrome is characterized by the baby not gaining weight. In addition, the skin may also feel loose and dry. See also indications of this syndrome can be in the form of long finger and toe nails.

  • Little water

Significantly reduced amniotic fluid can have an impact on the baby’s heart rate. In addition, this also poses a risk of compression of the umbilical cord during contractions so that oxygen intake to the fetus is reduced. Ultrasound examination with a doctor can help monitor the level of amniotic fluid.

  • Meconium aspiration syndrome

A syndrome that occurs when a baby swallows meconium while still in the womb. If it gets into the lungs, it can have an impact on their breathing. Meconium is a greenish lining of the baby’s intestines. That is why if swallowed by a baby, the amniotic fluid can turn green. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

In addition, there is also a risk of infant death or stillbirth. Meanwhile, the risk of complications in postmature labor can include vaginal tears, infection, and post-partum bleeding.

  • Natural induction? Okay

If a pregnant woman experiences a postmature condition, the doctor will closely monitor the condition of the mother and also the fetus in the womb. Consultations will be carried out more often, namely once a week.

In addition, during the examination process will be seen how the baby’s heart rate, contraction stress test, to the biophysical profile of the fetus. Not only that, the doctor may also perform a cervical examination to see its condition.

There is a possibility that doctors give natural induction. Methods that can be effective are exercise, sexual intercourse, nipple stimulation, acupuncture, to the administration of certain drugs. Ibu dan anak


Important Things Before Babies Eat Ice Cream

When your little one has entered the solids phase, does that mean the green light for babies to eat ice cream? Don’t be in a hurry, there are some things that need to be confirmed first. Starting from the composition, weight, and the possibility of allergies.

In addition to ice cream, you can also introduce popsicles made from processed fruit. This can be a healthy snack alternative for them as well as cool teething gums.

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Baby rules for eating ice cream

Usually, babies will start consuming complementary foods after six months of age. It could be before that, depending on the pediatrician’s recommendation.

In fact, it’s okay for babies to eat ice cream at their age from six months. However, before allowing your baby to eat ice cream, there are a few things to note:

1 Composition of ice cream

For parents who want to introduce ice cream to their little ones, make sure you know very well what the composition is. Read the label on the package or ask the restaurant if you don’t eat packaged ice cream.

Furthermore, avoid these two types of compositions, namely:


It is not recommended for children under one year of age because they can experience bacterial poisoning called botulism Keluarga

Additional sweetener

There are many ice creams that are added sweetener. As much as possible, avoid this kind of thing. In the market, there are ice creams with low sugar content.

2 Choking risk

In the early stages of getting to know foods with a denser texture, of course babies are still adapting to the chewing and swallowing process. So, pay close attention to whether there is a texture in the ice cream that is prone to making them choke.

Examples are choco chips or nuts. Small, indeed. But for the baby’s throat, this can be choking and very dangerous.

3 Allergic reactions

Allergies to dairy products are common. So, make sure the baby eats ice cream after making sure there is no allergic reaction. Usually, the reaction that appears can be vomiting, diarrhea, rash on the skin, or swelling around the lips and eyes. Keluarga Bahagia

4 Flavors and toppings

No less important, before allowing the baby to eat ice cream, choose a flavor that does not contain too much added sugar. In one serving of ice cream, you can add 1.5 tablespoons of sugar. For adults, this might be a bit.

But for babies with their very small and adaptable digestive systems, this includes a lot. So, choose a taste that is not too sweet.

For toppings, you should choose one that is not too small because it is prone to choking. Additional fresh cut fruit can also be a healthy alternative.

5 Ways to choose ice cream

If you are ready to give ice cream to your little one, be sure to choose one made from pasteurized milk. It would be much better if the composition is not too much. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

For example, only milk or cream, added with flavors or toppings. The point is to give ice cream that does not contain too many chemicals.

6 Quantity

The green light for babies to eat ice cream, does not mean they can give a full cup. Because even if there is no allergy, giving too much ice cream will make their digestion feel less comfortable. Instead, give just a little for them to taste, then switch to other foods. Ibu dan anak


Does Fruit Contain Vitamin B12? Check out the following facts Bun

Meeting the nutritional needs of growing children is important. One of the vitamins that the body needs is vitamin B12.

Reporting from Healthline, Vitamin B12 is an essential, water-soluble vitamin found in many animal-based foods. This vitamin helps your little one’s body in producing red blood cells and DNA, and keeps his nervous system healthy. Keluarga

If your little one eats a lot of meat and dairy, it will be easy to get enough vitamin B12 in the food he consumes every day. But your little one may find it difficult to meet the daily recommended values ​​if he:

  • Follow vegan or vegetarian lifestyle
  • have pernicious anemia
  • have digestive disorders that make it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients
  • Some medications can lower vitamin B12 levels in your little one’s body. This includes:

If your little one can’t get enough vitamin B12, there are supplements they can take. However, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend getting the nutrients you need from food whenever possible. Keluarga Bahagia

Then whether there are fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin B12? As mentioned above, vitamin B12 is only found in animal products, so vitamin B12 cannot be found in fruits and vegetables. But there are certain fruits that still contain B vitamins in general, quoted from various sources, here are some fruits that contain B vitamins.

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Every 100 grams of banana contains no less than 0.433 mg of vitamin B6, 0.3 mg of vitamin B5, 24 micrograms of vitamin B9 (folic acid), and 0.08 vitamin B2.

The content of B vitamins in bananas makes it a good fruit for your little one to consume to produce energy for the body, take care of the digestive system, maintain brain function, and help the production of red blood cells. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

Oranges are more identical and are known for the vitamin C contained in them. However, oranges also turn out to be one of the fruits that contain B vitamins, Mother. Especially vitamin B6.

The content of vitamin B6 in oranges is able to meet 5 percent of the total recommended daily vitamin B6 requirement. In addition, oranges are also able to take care of skin health, to minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease.

The amount of vitamin B in every 100 grams of mango can reach 0.25 mg. That is why this mango can be the right alternative to give to your little one.

The content of B vitamins in mangoes makes this one fruit has a variety of benefits. Starting from increasing energy, treating eyes, improving the performance of the immune system, to preventing cancer from an early age. Ibu dan anak

Pineapple fruit not only has a refreshing taste, but is also one of the fruits that contain B vitamins in it. When your little one eats it, his body will receive his daily intake of B vitamins from the fruit.

Pineapple contains vitamin B1 (thiamin) which has various benefits for the body. One of them is optimizing memory in the brain. It is very suitable for children who are just starting their initial education.


Choice of the most beautiful baby girl names in the world & their meanings, can be combined with local names

There are many choices of the most beautiful baby girl names in the world that can be used as a choice for the Little One who will soon be present in the Mother’s family. As parents, Father and Mother certainly want to give the best name to the child, right? Keluarga

Moreover, the name is one of the hopes and desires for parents about the future of the child. And, Bunda certainly doesn’t want to not just choose a name but have no meaningful meaning in it.

That’s why it’s important to never be careless in choosing a name, Bun. If Mother is looking for a baby name idea, then it is mandatory to listen to the following summary of the most beautiful baby girl name idea in the world. Keluarga Bahagia

1 Allura

For the Mother who is getting ready to welcome the Little One of the female sex, then the name Allura can be used as inspiration, you know. The name itself comes from England which has the meaning of happy to give or always give good advice. Allura can be combined with other names such as Allura Ciara.

2 Aubree

Then there’s Aubree who’s no less beautiful, Bun. This name is very suitable for Bunda who is looking for inspiration for a modern, unique, and has a good meaning. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

The name also comes from England and has the meaning of the most beautiful baby in the world. If Bunda wants to combine it with a local name, it can still be done because it is suitable.

3 Chalondra

The name meaning of the name Chalondra can also be the next inspiration, Bun This name has the meaning of smart and intelligent. So it is hoped that when she grows up, Bunda’s daughter will become an intelligent figure as well as smart.

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4 Chiva

Chiva is also one of the baby girl names with its own beauty in the world. This name has quite a deep meaning i.e. life and has always been loved by many people. Chiva is also very suitable to be combined with other local names in Indonesia.

5 Xaviera

The next reference is Xaviera which is also one of the most beautiful names in the world, you know. The meaning of Xaviera itself is clear in Arabic. One of the inspirations of this name from Xaviera is Xaviera Ranjani. Ibu dan anak

Thus, some name choices which can also be used as inspiration by parents who are still confused to give a name to a daughter. There are still some choices of the most beautiful baby girl names in the world that can be chosen in the link below, yes, Bun.

Do not forget, it is advisable in choosing a name for the Little One should consider several things in it. One of them is that the name must not be of unique and different origin, but must also have a positive and good meaning in it.


5 Baby Room Decorating Trends That Turn Out Dangerous

Dekorasi di kamar tidur biasanya sudah disiapkan oleh ibu dan ayah bahkan sebelum bayi lahir. Saat melihat kamar bayi yang cantik di media sosial, orang tua mana yang tidak menyukainya, Bu? Sangat sering apa yang Anda lihat digunakan sebagai inspirasi. Keluarga

Kamar-kamarnya memiliki nuansa hangat, dengan perabotan kayu dan dekorasi yang menawan. Apalagi ketika banyak influencer mendekorasi kamar bayi mereka yang terinspirasi oleh Instagram dan Pinterest.

Faktanya, tren dekorasi kamar tidur anak-anak yang sedang heboh di media sosial tidak seindah kedengarannya. Banyak dekorasi yang membahayakan keselamatan bayi lho, Moms. Berikut Popmama.com merangkum 5 tren pembibitan berbahaya, dilansir Today’s Parent:

1 keranjang Musa

Dalam foto-foto anak yang diunggah ke media sosial, mungkin ibu sudah tidak asing lagi dengan keranjang yang satu ini. Keranjang ini disebut keranjang Musa. Meski memiliki tampilan yang estetis, keranjang ini tidak diperuntukkan untuk bayi yang sedang tidur. Keluarga Bahagia

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Keranjang ini tidak memiliki alas yang kokoh, sehingga ketika bayi bergerak di dalamnya, keranjang terbalik dan mengenai tubuh bayi, membuatnya tidak dapat bernapas.

Selain itu, permukaan keranjang ini biasanya kasar dan dapat melukai bayi. Ada juga kekhawatiran bahwa pita yang melekat pada keranjang ini akan memuntir dan mencekik bayi. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

Ingat bunda, apa yang kamu lihat di media sosial mungkin hanya untuk keperluan foto, tapi tidak untuk penggunaan sehari-hari.

2 bingkai berat besar di dudukan

Mendekorasi kamar bayi dengan hiasan dinding akan memberikan kesan tidak kosong. Apalagi jika ada bingkai yang berisi foto keluarga.

Foto TK di media sosial sering juga menampilkan karya seni berbingkai atau foto bingkai berat besar yang dipasang di atas tempat tidur.

Meski menambah keindahan ruangan, bingkai seperti ini sewaktu-waktu bisa jatuh dan menimpa anak di bawahnya. Mungkin juga saat bayi tumbuh dan lebih aktif, Anda dapat meraihnya dan memukulnya. Ibu dan anak

Risiko melukai bayi tidak bisa dihindari.

Yang terbaik adalah tidak meletakkan apa pun di atas atau dalam jangkauan buaian. Termasuk furnitur atau permadani dinding.

Bumper 3 tempat tidur

Bumper tempat tidur bayi banyak digunakan oleh orang tua untuk melindungi bayi yang berputar dan membenturkan kepalanya saat tidur atau untuk melindungi bayi agar tidak tersangkut palang lebar. Namun Health Canada dan Pediatric Society of Canada menyarankan agar penggunaan bemper ini tidak digunakan karena berisiko mencekik dan mencekik bayi.

Anak yang lebih besar dapat menggunakan bumper sebagai pijakan untuk melompat dari boks, sehingga kurang aman. Alih-alih menggunakan bemper, orang tua bisa memilih boks yang dibuat dengan layar yang lebih sempit.

4 selimut, bantal, dan boneka di tempat tidur bayi

Banyak foto boks bayi dengan selimut, bantal dan boneka lucu di dalamnya. Kedengarannya lucu, Bu, tetapi sebenarnya, itu bertentangan dengan pendapat para ahli tentang seperti apa seharusnya boks bayi.

Menurut para ahli, boks bayi harus benar-benar kosong karena keberadaan benda di boks bayi dapat menimbulkan risiko tambahan sindrom kematian bayi mendadak atau SIDS.

Benda-benda ini dapat memblokir saluran udara bayi dan bahkan mencekiknya dengan cara yang tidak diharapkan orang tua. Untuk meminimalkan risiko berbahaya ini, Anda harus membiarkan boks bayi kosong tanpa benda apapun.

5 Lampu gantung dan dekorasi

Lampu dan ornamen yang digantung di atas boks bayi bisa menambah keindahan kamar bayi. Namun barang-barang tersebut harus dijauhkan dari boks bayi karena sangat berbahaya jika terjatuh atau jika bayi tidak sengaja menariknya. Tali gantung atau tali dapat mencekik atau bahkan menyetrum bayi Anda.


How to get rid of stretch marks, you can try

Setelah melahirkan, selain sibuk mengurus bayi, biasanya Anda juga akan sibuk mencari cara menghilangkan stretch mark di tubuh Anda. Stretch mark adalah garis atau garis berwarna yang muncul pada kulit karena penambahan atau pertumbuhan berat badan.

Stretch mark merah yang lebih baru (striae rubra) lebih mudah diobati. Warnanya merah dari pembuluh darah di bawah kulit, Bu. Memiliki pembuluh darah yang berfungsi memungkinkan stretch mark merah untuk merespon lebih baik terhadap pengobatan. Keluarga

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Stretch mark putih (stretch mark alba) lebih tua dan lebih sulit diobati. Seiring waktu, pembuluh darah menyempit, sehingga sulit untuk merangsang produksi kolagen. Hasil pengobatan mungkin tidak sedrastis dengan stretch mark merah. Namun, ada beberapa cara yang tersedia untuk membantu Anda memudarkannya secara lebih alami dan cepat, seperti yang dilaporkan Healthline di bawah ini. Keluarga Bahagia

1 eksfoliasi

Cara mudah untuk mengatasi white stretch mark adalah dengan melakukan eksfoliasi kulit secara rutin. Metode ini menghilangkan kelebihan kulit mati dari tubuh dan kulit baru dari stretch mark.

Menggabungkan eksfoliasi dengan metode perawatan lain juga bisa meningkatkan hasil lho, Moms. Menghilangkan kulit mati dari stretch mark memungkinkan perawatan kulit lainnya untuk menembus lebih dalam dan bekerja lebih cepat.

2 Perawatan topikal

Krim dan salep topikal adalah metode yang lebih terjangkau untuk mengurangi munculnya stretch mark putih. Beberapa krim tersedia tanpa resep, sementara yang lain diresepkan oleh dokter.

Jika diterapkan secara teratur, krim topikal dapat meringankan warna stretch mark, tetapi mungkin tidak menghilangkannya sepenuhnya. Sebelum menggunakan perawatan topikal apa pun, diskusikan risikonya dengan dokter Anda. Beberapa krim dapat memicu reaksi alergi atau mungkin tidak cukup kuat untuk mengobati kondisi Anda. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

3 Mikrodermabrasi

Mikrodermabrasi adalah prosedur tanpa rasa sakit untuk mengurangi munculnya stretch mark putih. Prosedur ini menargetkan lapisan atas kulit (epidermis) dan bekerja dengan merangsang kulit untuk mengencangkan serat kolagen dan elastin.

Setelah prosedur, kulit mungkin terasa kencang dan kering. Mungkin ada beberapa kemerahan karena pengelupasan kulit. Biasanya dibutuhkan waktu 24 jam untuk menyembuhkan kulit.

Meskipun efektif, prosedur ini tidak dijamin dapat menghilangkan stretch mark sepenuhnya. Tingkat keparahan stretch mark yang sudah ada sebelumnya akan mempengaruhi hasilnya.

4 jarum mikro

Microneedle bekerja pada dermis, lapisan tengah kulit tempat stretch mark terbentuk. Dalam prosedur ini, jarum kecil dimasukkan ke dalam kulit untuk memicu produksi kolagen. Peningkatan kolagen dan elastin meningkatkan regenerasi kulit, yang dapat memperbaiki penampilan kulit dan mengurangi stretch mark.

Untuk mengobati stretch mark secara efektif, Anda harus berpartisipasi dalam lebih dari satu perawatan selama beberapa bulan. Microneedle telah terbukti menjadi pengobatan yang efektif untuk mengurangi stretch mark, terutama untuk pasien dengan kulit lebih gelap. Ibu dan anak

5 Terapi laser

Terapi laser adalah pilihan pengobatan umum untuk menghilangkan stretch mark putih. Dalam prosedurnya, laser menembus kulit, menyebabkan regenerasinya. Merangsang jaringan di sekitar stretch mark agar lebih cepat sembuh.


Beware of the Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes in Babies, Here’s the Handling

Anak-anak juga bisa mengalami diabetes melitus.

Biasanya, jenis diabetes yang muncul sejak bayi atau kanak-kanak adalah diabetes tipe 1.

Penyebab diabetes belum diketahui secara pasti.

Namun para ahli sepakat bahwa penyebab penyakit ini ada hubungannya dengan penghancuran sel pankreas penghasil insulin oleh sistem kekebalan tubuh.

Tubuh seseorang dengan diabetes tipe 1 benar-benar berhenti memproduksi insulin. Keluarga

Sehingga kadar gula darah cenderung tinggi.

Dari gejalanya sendiri, gejala diabetes tipe 1 tidak berbeda dengan diabetes tipe 2.

Dalam laporan laman JDRF, khususnya untuk gejala diabetes pada anak, ada beberapa tanda yang harus diwaspadai orang tua. Keluarga Bahagia


1 kelelahan

Kelelahan bisa menjadi tanda bahwa tubuh anak Anda tidak mampu mengubah gula darah menjadi energi.

2 Rasa lapar yang intens dan penurunan berat badan yang tidak dapat dijelaskan

Jika otot dan organ anak tidak mendapatkan energi yang cukup, hal itu dapat menyebabkan rasa lapar yang ekstrem.

Dan penurunan berat badan yang tiba-tiba, terutama jika Anda makan lebih banyak, juga bisa menjadi tanda peringatan yang penting. Kehidupan keluarga harmonis

3 Perubahan visual

Kadar glukosa darah yang tinggi dapat menyebabkan penglihatan kabur atau masalah penglihatan lainnya.

Sayangnya, di usia yang sangat muda, anak-anak kita mungkin belum bisa mengartikulasikan hal ini.

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4 Infeksi ragi

Jenis infeksi ini bisa menjadi tanda diabetes pada bayi, tetapi bisa juga muncul sebagai ruam popok yang disebabkan oleh ragi yang berlebihan.

5 Napas buah atau gula dalam urin

Ini adalah tanda bahwa tubuh anak Anda sedang berusaha membuang gula yang tidak bisa masuk ke dalam selnya.

6 Perilaku yang tidak biasa

Jika bayi Anda tiba-tiba menjadi mudah tersinggung, rewel, atau mudah tersinggung, itu mungkin sesuatu yang perlu dikhawatirkan, terutama jika ini dikombinasikan dengan gejala lain. Ibu dan anak

Perlu dipahami juga bahwa diabetes tipe 1 pada anak merupakan penyakit bawaan yang tidak dapat dicegah atau disembuhkan.

Meski demikian, korban tetap bisa menjalani kehidupan yang nyaman dan sehat.

Menurut laporan di laman Dove Med, pengobatan hiperglikemia atau diabetes pada anak dilakukan melalui terapi insulin.

Pemberian insulin kepada bayi meningkatkan penyerapan glukosa oleh sel, yang menurunkan kadar gula darah.

Terapi insulin juga meningkatkan pertumbuhan dan asupan kalori, yang penting pada bayi-bayi ini karena mereka biasanya lahir dengan berat badan lahir rendah.

Sedangkan pengobatan jangka pendek adalah dengan menurunkan laju infus glukosa.

Pada bayi yang lahir dengan berat badan lahir rendah, glukosa biasanya diberikan melalui pemberian intravena untuk membantu memberikan nutrisi dan meningkatkan pertumbuhan.

Namun, jika bayi menerima glukosa terlalu cepat (laju infus glukosa tinggi) dan tidak memiliki cukup insulin untuk mengatur kadar gula darah, kadar gula darah akan tetap tinggi.

Selain itu, hanya dokter dan spesialis yang dapat menentukan pengobatan diabetes pada anak yang terbaik.

Hal ini juga terlihat pada kondisi anak yang mengidap diabetes.

1 2 3 15